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Company History

History of Kirscher Transport

Kirscher Transport was started by Dale Kirscher in 1954. The company has been operating for 16 years by transporting bulk commodities, including cement and petroleum products.
Dennis Hallberg has purchased the company in February of 1970. Under Mr. Hallberg, Kirscher Transport developed a reputation for safe and efficient transportation of heavy and specialized equipment. The company has a history of modifying many trailers in-house to adapt to the unusual requirements necessary to haul oversized loads on public streets and highways.

In 1978, Kirscher Transport received first runner-up honors in the Heavy Specialized Carrier Conference Hauling Job of the Year competition. This award was for delivering 24 ball mills from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to the Empire and Tilden Mines in Upper Michigan. Kirscher continues to be an innovative and progressive force in the heavy and specialized transportation industry.
Brian Foster acquired Kirscher Transport in 2002 and is continuing Kirscher's journey into the 21st century, expanding it into the global marketplace and securing its industry leadership by implementing the latest technology, techniques, and equipment needed in the specialized transportation industry.
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